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Here you will find many resources that will help your website grow. Find places to submit your website, find places to advertise and other helpful sites.

domain search

Use our online tool to search for and fine the domain that you want to use for your hosting service company or site. All you have to do is type in the name that you want and then search and you will be shown if it is available to be registered.


Interested in advertising with Iron Hosting? We can give you great deals and placement of your advertisement for either your product or your site.

Company Hosting Services Support Contacts
Find The Information You Need To Take Care Of Your Site's Needs

Iron Hosting wishes to be the best hosting service company for your needs. With this in mind, we have set up several ways that you can receive direct support from us. Listed here are the different ways that you may contact us about your hosting service needs and/or hosting concerns.

Get the hosting service and support you want and need with Iron Hosting. We have 24/7 free email tech support to take care of your website needs. Our techs are constantly monitoring the system of servers to make sure that your clients and visitors see your website on the Net and not get a "Page Not Found" error that you would get with other companies.

contacting us

Our general e-mail contact form that will allow you to submit your comments, suggestions and other important information by an online form. The information provided by that form will be sent to us so that we can address it.

help desk

A fast and easy way for you to contact us about any problems you might be having with your hosted site on our servers. It is a Trouble Ticket system that will allow you to be updated about your current problem and look at any other Trouble Tickets you might have submitted in the past. In this way, you will have a record of what you have submitted to us for support.

upgrading accounts

Submit your upgrade request and once we have received the information, we will contact you to verify the upgrade in services. Once verified, your new services will be activated quickly.