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Dedicated Hosting

Need a server of your own that is not shared by anyone else? There are many reasons that you might need a dedicated server. A dedicated server can be used for small businesses, large businesses and corporations. Another reason for a dedicated server would be that of having your own hosting company where you would sell virtual server space to others for their websites and projects. If you would like more information on Dedicated Servers or our other services, then

Virtual Hosting

Iron Hosting not only can set you up in your own hosting service company, but can also service your small website needs. We have several different hosting service packages for you to choose from.

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We Have Everything Your Web Site Needs

Iron Hosting, Has the resources and skills to give you the hosting service that you need for a successful web presence. We give you the tools needed to succeed with your own Hosting Service Company or your very own Personal Web Site. We have promotional tools, full web site stats, error logging, visitor statistics and much more instantly available to you.

spam protected e-mail

Iron Hosting gives you the tools to block unwanted spam from your server and your web hosting site. These powerful tools allow you to block unwanted email from every reaching your inbox at all. You can even have these messages totally deleted from your server or bounced back to where it came from.

Spam Assassin to help block unwanted emails
Full E-Mail Filtering to block unwanted emails
Trace an E-mail Address to find spammers
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Control Panel
Basic server monitoring
MS Frontpage WebSite Hosting
Available ImageMagick Support
Unl. Email and FTP Accounts
Fast, Free 24/7 Email Tech Support
2 Web Based E-Mail Programs