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Our general e-mail contact form that will allow you to submit your comments, suggestions and other important information by an online form. The information provided by that form will be sent to us so that we can address it.

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A fast and easy way for you to contact us about any problems you might be having with your hosted site on our servers. It is a Trouble Ticket system that will allow you to be updated about your current problem and look at any other Trouble Tickets you might have submitted in the past. In this way, you will have a record of what you have submitted to us for support.


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frequently asked questions

Is there a trial period or money-back guarantee?
All Virtual Web Hosting plans include a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your virtual hosting service for any reason, you will receive a full refund (minus setup fees and overage charges) if you cancel your account within 30 days of the activation of your account.

How am I billed?
Iron Hosting invoices you via email. You will receive an invoice for each new service/account order shortly after such service is activated. Your initial service/account order invoice date will be your regular monthly billing date. All further service/accounts ordered will be pro-rated to that date, and then be billed regularly on that date every month (...if it is a monthly service).

Are there any hidden costs?
No. All costs are stated plainly on our website. We do not hide fees in fineprint, or in our terms of service pages. The only costs that are commonly found to occur beyond your expected flat monthly rates per service, are those due to increased package features or bandwidth usage. Pricing for such is plainly stated on our website.

What is Cpanel™? Do you have a Demo?
CPanel™ is the brand name of the web browser control panel software that Iron Hosting utilizes on its web hosting packages. Features and screen shots of the CPanel™ User Interface and the WebHostManager™ Admin Interface are available.

What happens if I decide to leave Iron Hosting?
You are free to leave at any time. Generally, Iron Hosting services are provided on a month to month basis, without any required term contract. Some special offers, or custom quoted solutions, may have required contract terms and/or signed contract requirements.

How is extra bandwidth billed?
Iron Hosting maintains software on every server to monitor individual website usage, and/or server-wide usage. Bandwidth is billed per Gigabyte (GB) over your monthly allocation, rounded up to the nearest Gigabyte. Any and all overages will show up on your next billing invoice.

How do I set up my email?
Iron Hosting web hosting clients can set up POP Accounts, Forwarders/Aliases, & Auto-Responders in the Web Browser Control Panel that comes with every Iron Hosting web hosting service package. This can be done by yourself, and without any assistance from the Iron Hosting staff.

How do I upload my files?
All Iron Hosting web hosting packages allow the usage of FTP, Telnet, SSH, File Manager, MS FrontPageā„¢, and other web development publishing programs, to upload files to your website.

Does my website get a control panel?
Yes. Every Iron Hosting web hosting service package comes with a web browser based control panel. The control panel includes many features including; email configurations, chat rooms, mailing lists, pre-installed cgi scripts, databases, chat rooms, and much, much, more.

Does my website have their own IP number or is it shared?
Unless otherwise stipulated, all Iron Hosting web site packages get a unique IP address for use with your account and site.

What if I want to upgrade my website and hosting service?
You may upgrade or downgrade your Iron Hosting web hosting package at any time. You can go to our Upgrade Page for more details.

How do I get started?
Simple! Just fill out one form....the Hosting Account Order form! You will receive details shortly afterwards about how to proceed with your new Iron Hosting Web Hosting Account!