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Be Your Own Hosting Company
Basic Plan
100 Mb of disk space
10 pop3 email accounts
5 gigabytes of transfer
Intermediate Plan
150 Mb of disk space
15 pop3 email accounts
7 gigabytes of transfer
Full Plan
200 Mb of disk space
20 pop3 email accounts
10 gigabytes of transfer
Make Money By Running Your Own Hosting Company
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Take Your Internet Presence And Hosting To The Next Level With Us

Iron Hosting, has the resources and experience to give you the best deals in hosting your web site or even help you start your own Hosting Service Company.

for businesses large and small

From virtual hosting services to dedicated servers, we have what you need to put your web site live on the Internet. We even have a hosting service that will put you in charge as your own hosting company offering services to others wanting a site on the net.

Start A Hosting Company
what’s included
Control Panel
Basic server monitoring
MS Frontpage WebSite Hosting
Available ImageMagick Support
Unl. Email and FTP Accounts
Fast, Free 24/7 Email Tech Support
2 Web Based E-Mail Programs
Money Back Guarantee
We provide you will all the services to host your own site or Internet Hosting Company all in one place with innovative and cutting edge tools. We offer you the best hosting services online.